Here you can see all the characters, which appeared in my comic.

zyrkaZyrka – just me. Maybe shouldn’t be presented as the first, but as an author of this site I thought I should introduce myself as soon as possible ^^. I look like a giraffe without any peculiar reason. Zyrka was my nickname from primary school (a name made from ‘żyrafa’ – Polish ‘giraffe’) and even when people around me forgot about it, I kept using this nickname 🙂
It is said that Zyrka also is a freak with really weird lifestyle. I don’t know, because the most difficult thing is to see objectively ourselves, but one thing I know for sure – I tend to snap strange situations. I like and I think I can laugh of myself and that’s why I decided to put myself into my comic.

Radzio – He was my classmate in Poland, as well as in Japan. He smokes a lot and always tells veeery cold jokes. He finds Asian girls very attractive. Sociable and nice guy, you can always rely on him.

hoteiHotei – a middle-aged Japanese. He teaches Japanese as a volunteer, but we met him on Chinese/English/Korean classes. He is kind of helpful, but often nasty and rude guy. Because of his ‘bad taste jokes’ girls tend to avoid him. ‘Hotei’ is a name of fat, Laughing Budda, which is very popular in China and Japan. It’s believed that statuettes of Hotei bring happiness, but this character owes this nickname first of all because of similar appearance.
Hiroshi – a nice, Japanese guy, who we have met during our studies in Japan. He is said to be even too reliable, too hard-working, and too polite towards people. Hiroshi always follows the rules, even if there is no need to do that.

andziaAndzia – my first roommate in Japan. She’s a Polish as me and Radzio. Her hobby is fashion and she is addicted to second-hand shops. Andzia easily gets excited and is very friendly. She may irritate from time to time as she is in habit of losing her things and keeping disorder in the room, but generally she is lovely and life with her can’t be boring.

jinJin – our Japanese friend, a bit a hypocrite. He says he hates Japan and Japanese people because everybody is the same and has the same way of thinking, but actually Jin always uses ONLY Japanese things and protects Japanese culture in his own way. Always complains about everything and looks for something weird and original.

ora1Ola – my second roommate in Japan. She is a Polish. A romantic, lady type, but has also a short temper and she is quite a beer thief 😉 Most of the time Ola was trying to write her master thesis. There is no need to write more, I just looove her!!


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