The Easter Monday

This one wasn’t really supposed to be funny, but rather educational: a little about Polish culture and a little about stupidity of Polish hooligans.
I will start with an explanation. Polish Easter is celebrated with families. Kids decorate boiled eggs called ‘pisanki’, and then put them into a basket together with salt, pepper, bread, sausage, horseradish, ham, cheese etc. and some figures of rabbit, chick or lamb. Families take the basket to the church to make it blessed by a priest. Until the basket returns home, nobody can eat anything. The first meal at that day is the blessed food from the basket and a cream soup prepared with that easter eggs. There is rather no tradition of rabbit giving kids sweets or something.
The Easter Morning in Poland is called ‘Śmigus-Dyngus’ or ‘Lany Poniedziałek’ (Wet Monday), because traditionally at that day boys poured water over girls that they find attractive and spanked them with pussy willow (what a name!) branches shouting ‘Śmigus-Dyngus’ (‘Spanked-Drenched)’. That custom symbolized spring cleansing of sins and was a celebration of spring’s arrival at all. But nowadays water is being poured over every passer-by on the street for fun. Nobody is going to be spanked but the ‘Śmigus-Dyngus’ is still being shouted while pouring water at Easter Monday. Every year it is heard about hooligans who throw water over strangers, into cars etc, but the most common victims are the elders who go to the church. Hooligans wait in the front of the church as the mass is finished and pour water over catholics. This year we had really unusual Easter, because winter didn’t go away. Normally it’s warm on Easter, but this time it was really cold and it was snowing (it still is!). I don’t know if really elders coming out from the church was drenched (hit?) with ice, but very similar accident had taken place before Easter, while some hooligans was throwing ice pieces at cars which were travelling through the highway. One of the drivers died. The most unbelievable for me is that sometimes that kids are proud of the fact that they had killed somebody and could run away without being caught.


New pope is chosen


In the beginning I should say that this kind of joke is not my style at all (I mean I like rude, even black humour, but I seldom interfere in politics and religion – I’m just not interested in it). I don’t care about new pope, nor about homosexuals, but when I had opened a morning newspaper the day after the pope’s election the big words ‘HE LIKES FOOTBALL!!’ hit me straight in the eye.
‘So what?’ – I thought – ‘Is it the most important information about him?’ and then I had to put glasses on my nose to read more, because other text was so small. T_T <– I tried to imitate that impression in this comic, but not to make it illegible.
Actually, many good things were written about him (if I did care a bit, I’d even like him for some points, but I do not care…) and he seems to be a rather sensible man. However, that one point about homosexuals was really standing out (though the font was small T_T). Not because he is against them (if he wasn’t it would be something new in the Catholic Church and it WOULD be really standing out! ), but ‘Satan’s devilish piece of work’ sounds like words taken straight from the Middle Ages and is not sensible at all. Ok, there are people who are against homosexuals as him, but believing they are ‘devilish seed’ is just more than childish nowadays. Somehow we have made a step forward (witches are not being burned at the stake anymore! yaay!) , but some opinions are pemanent for ages. It made me laugh and I thought that regardless Jesus himself was a gay or not (I don’t care about that), as he was teaching us to love everybody as sisters and brothers no matter who they are, why wouldn’t he love gays the same way?

The Three Kings

kings_engThis is a story, which should be made in the beginning of January, but I’ve heard this just recently. It refers to Polish holiday named The Three Kings’ (there is an explanation on the bottom of this comic). Due to the tradition (ok, Polish x Christian tradition!) we are supposed to write C+M+B on ours front door. It has two meanings. First, because of the three kings’ names and second is ‘Christus Mansionem Benedicat’ (‘Christ Blesses This House’). But actually, most of Polish Christians are too lazy (or too bigotish??) to wash the door after that holiday, so you can see that initials the whole, long years.