English Classes

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Today we are taking English classes. The mysterious man, who asks weird questions is present! This time Hotei also puts the teacher in a difficult situation. For God’s sake, does he take every language course?!?


Chinese Classes

Let’s begin!

As my first post I’ve decided to publish an old story, which had taken place about one year ago in Japan. Oryginally ‘毎日変なこと’ [Mainichi henna koto] was translated into English and now you can read it as ‘Everyday Something Weird’. I think the English title doesn’t sound very good, but… whatever.
I’m going to publish even older stories, but the pictures will be made up to date. The characters change in different episodes, but you can always read more info about them in ‘Characters’ sidepage. There will be a short description with every episode.


Chinese Classes

Zyrka with her classmate, Radzio, attend Chinese classes in Japan. In this class also participates Hiroshi, their Japanese friend. Whatever happens around him, he always focuses on his work and studies. It’s difficult to translate this exactly, but in Japanese language there is an expression: ‘頑張る’ [ganbaru] (to persist, to insist on, to stand firm, to try one’s best) and in my opinion it tells everything about hard-working Hiroshi 🙂
However, the star in this episode is not Hiroshi, but Hotei (you can read about the origin of his nickname in ‘Characters’ sidepage), who learns Chinese with them. This story is about how Zyrka and her allies met Hotei.
Btw. I am not good in English onomatopeia. >< Sorry for that.